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About Us


T-Force Security Services, LLC is an American-owned business founded by Tacuma Brown. In 1990, Mr. Brown began his career in the security field. In 1994, Mr. Brown graduated from the Law Enforcement Academy and furthered his education in Criminal Justice at Eastern Florida State College. Mr. Brown’s experience includes executive protection in domestic and international travels; and protecting high profiled Executives and Chief Executive Officer’s. Mr. Brown trained personnel for security operations, close protection detail, and security drivers.

In 2014, Mr. Brown decided to create his own security company and founded Tactful Elite Security Solutions, a joint venture. Mr. Brown acted as the President and Chief Executive Officer for TESS.  In late 2018, Mr. Brown decided to sell his half of TESS.

In November 2018, Mr. Brown established T-Force Security Services, LLC, and serves as President and Chief Executive Officer. T – Force Security Services, LLC specializes in providing the utmost in customer service.  We pledge to be “The Intelligence Behind Your Protection” and provide highly trained security. T-Force Security Services, LLC offers a wide range of security resources, including:

  • Asset Protection (Protection of Cash and Valuables)
  • Executive Protection
  • Oversee Transportation Security
  • Special Event Coverage
  • Patrol Services
  • Access Control
  • Disgruntle Employee Cases
  • Licensed Uniformed Security Officers (both local and statewide)

Our licensed security officers set the industry standard for excellence in the security field with extensive experience and training. T -Force Security Services works with Fortune 500 companies, high profiled executives and CEO’s, well-known restaurants and apartment complexes.

We are contracted to keep crowd control at concerts, sporting events, political rallies, and activist demonstrations. Depending upon the security services required to meet your needs, our security officers can assist with neighborhood patrols, shopping malls, religious institutions, universities, gated communities, parking lots, apartment buildings, art galleries, and many more important venues.

Regardless of what industry you’re in or what you need to protect, T-Force Security Services, LLC can provide professional security personnel to meet your security needs. Contact T-Force Security Services, LLC today for a quote. Allow T-Force Security Services, LLC to provide the peace of mind you deserve, both now and in the future, with a custom-tailored security solution that protects the people, properties, and assets you care about most.

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