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Clients Testimonials

“My  children have been training with Coach P for approximately 3 months and they have significantly improved. Coach P is very attentive – always focused on the kids, correcting their form and challenges them during every session. Within 3 months, my children have improved significantly where they are now able to compete at an AAU level.”
Erick S.

“Gaby is so in love with her sessions ! She says that she can feel a difference ! In three days we have seen a difference! Words cannot express how happy we are to have you work with her!”
Wendy F.

“Great Basketball Trainer. My kids love this guy. I’ve never seen Basketball Training sessions like that, the intensity is extra high, he tells and shows the kids the most important details of Basketball. I definitely recomand Coach P!”
Andrew G.

“I love Coach P!!! The best Basketball trainer I’ve  worked with! The variety of exercises that he’s got is amaizing. He has helped me with my strenght, quickness, reaction time. He always tells me how each drill or exercise improves my body, which is great! See you in the gym Coach!!!”
Ericka J.

“We moved here few moths ago, and we were looking for a trainer for our son, we had gone through few of them, but we stoped looking for a new coach when we found Coach Patryk. From the first pactice we knew that only he can help Ty to move up to the next level. We were right….”
Macey W.

“Great Trainer, Great guy…”
David G.

“Coach Patryk worked with my kids only few times while visiting Orlando, but they can’t stop talking about him. They keep telling me to go to Orlando just to workout with Coach P!”
Carol R.

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