Work Experience

She started from a very young age in the world of modeling, participated in several beauty contests in various Latin American countries, such as the Dominican Republic, Aruba, Curaçao, Venezuela, and Colombia, then studied at the university in a law degree, however, her country was so poor and presented A very serious political situation decided to leave her country and began to work as a dancer, without any experience. with her dedication, for more than 6 years she became one of the best dancers touring the countries of Morocco China Hong Kong Brazil Portugal, Russia, Spain! dancing in the best clubs like Ushuaia and Space.

Since adolescence she was very dedicated to training and personal care, more it was only at the age of 24 when she had her first competition being in the bikini fitness category for more than 4 years, she continued preparing and in 2018 she debuted in one of the largest fitness competitions in the world such as Mister Olympia, ranking third, then participated in several national competitions Wss consolidated in the world of fitness, thus sharing scenarios with big athletes such as Ulises, Simeón panda, Shawn Rhoden, Phil heat, levrone

Currently, she continues as an ambassador for different sports brands, she shares her workouts through social networks, consolidating herself as an Influencer and a highly sought-after athlete in the Internet world, shares her dances, shares her workouts and has become everyone’s favorite blogger.

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